Lantern Roofs

Roof lanterns are among the most modern of all the home improvement products we install across Buckinghamshire. A stunning, slimline roof system, they are available as an upgrade with the installation of one of our orangeries or house extensions. They deliver enhanced performance levels compared with traditional conservatory roofs, meaning we always recommend to our customers.

In addition to being fitted with new orangeries, our lantern roofs are available via retrofit with our replacement roof service. This means they can be fitted to an existing extension or any flat-roofed part of your house’s original architecture. This can help give an orangery a new lease of life, improving its heat retention, weatherproofing and lifespan.

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Features & Benefits

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Both our Roof Maker and our Atlas roof lanterns are made using an aluminium framework partnered with modern double glazing.

Roof lanterns come at a premium compared to normal roof systems. However, we pride ourselves on offering fair pricing here at Castle Glass.

Slimline refers to the profile of our lantern roofs, with the aluminium made to be slimmer to improve aesthetics and design.

Fitting a new conservatory roof or lantern roof normally takes about a week. However, this varies depending on measurements and product.

In addition to our lantern roofs, we also install Topdec’s high performance aluminium conservatory roofs, if you’d prefer.

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If you’re looking to have a lantern roof retrofitted, please contact us directly. We can provide some more details regarding our replacement roof services and cost up your project. Leave your details on our online form or call directly today on 01494 873399.

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