Composite Doors

If security is your priority, then a composite door is the only front door option you should be considering. They are the most secure and robust option on the market currently, allowing you to feel fully protected in your Buckinghamshire home. They mostly achieve this thanks to the addition of a solid core to the centre of the profile.

However, several other steps have been taken to ensure that these doors are as durable as they should be. Despite this, these Solidor models do not compromise visually, with a plethora of stunning options that include modern and traditional accessories. Whatever style of home you live in, you can benefit from the unrivalled, complete performance of a composite door today.

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In door terms, composite refers to the idea that the profile is constructed from more than one material, for performance reasons.

Being a more advanced product, composite doors come at a premium compared with normal front doors. However, they can still be reasonably priced.

Our composite door range is supplied by Solidor. While they are many composite manufacturers in this industry, they stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Yes! Despite being a modern, innovative product, they can easily be fitted with traditional accessories, helping them better suit older properties.

Our composite doors are available with both chamfered sculpted frames, allowing you to find the design that suits your home best.

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