Complete Colour Customisation

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Our uPVC front doors come with a plethora of customisation options – among those is the colour finish. Dependent on whether you opt for a sculpted or chamfered finish, we have a range of topcoats available, including authentic woodgrains for more traditional properties.

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Energy Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly

100% Lead-Free

By working with Liniar products, our entire window and door range is fully lead free. There is no lead used in the profile itself or throughout the actually manufacturing process. Such a unique, eco-friendly process is unheard of with other manufacturers.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Both the profile and the glazing we use offers fantastic thermal insulation as standard. With improved heat retention, you may not need to have your heating on as high in winter. Doing so can see you improve your carbon footprint over time.

100% Recyclable

The uPVC profile used for our Liniar windows and doors is made from fully recyclable materials. Despite this, they still deliver superb thermal and security performances across the board, standing toe to toe with new profiles from other manufacturers.

Energy Efficient Profile

All our Liniar uPVC windows and doors are fantastically energy efficient. The multi chambered uPVC profile retains the maximum amount of heat, adhering to the latest regulations. Your home will sit at the optimal temperature during winter.

uPVC Doors

Here at Castle Glass, we install the finest uPVC doors Buckinghamshire has to offer. Front doors are the first impression a guest or passerby has of your home, so you should invest in quality. Our stunning uPVC doors deliver the ultimate modern performance, while also delivering aesthetically thanks to an array of visual enhancements and configuration possibilities.

Our uPVC doors are manufactured using the perfect blend of our in-house glazing and Liniar’s innovative residential profile. Stringently tested on site and performing in accordance with a range of certifications, our uPVC doors comfortably stand shoulder to shoulder with more expensive alternatives. They are the perfect modern renovation option, whatever style of home you live in.

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Features & Benefits

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Available in Aluminium & Timber!

Castle Glass work with industry leading supply chains to install high quality aluminium and timber products across the Buckinghamshire area. Explore our individual timber and aluminium pages today for more details about these two stunning products.

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Maximum Security

Hidden Attack Lock

Ultion locking systems come with unique technology that will detect if an intruder is attempting to gain unwanted access through the window or door. When activated, a hidden firing pin secures the central cam, fully preventing any forced entry into your home.

£1,000 Security Guarantee

The Ultion locks fitted to your new windows or doors are supported by a financial guarantee. If an unwanted intruder does manage to break-in, you’re entitled to compensation of up to £1000. The chances of this ever happening is extremely thin, however.

Drill Protection System

20 hardened steel pins are fitted into an Ultion lock as standard. They are precisely and individually positioned to specifically prevent an unwanted intruder from using an electric drill to get into your property. No other lock on the market can offer the same.

Secured by Design

Our windows and doors can reach Secured by Design requirements when they are fitted with Ultion locks. A scheme supported by the UK police, it lays out the minimum standards for competent home security. Our products comfortably exceed these.

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Yes! At the end of their natural life, our uPVC front doors are fully recycled, with the aim to have them extruded into new uPVC home improvements.

Every product from the Liniar range is designed, extruded and manufactured here in the UK, for optimal quality control.

Liniar uPVC doors are able to achieve U-values as low as 1.3W/m2K as standard, with the possibility of reaching 1.0W/m2K with upgrades.

uPVC front doors are often a less expensive renovation than composite or aluminium front doors. However, every installer is different.

We install a range of other doors, including composite, stable, French, patio and bifold variants. There’s something for everyone.

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